Specialty Retail Point of Sales (POS) Systems

J3 offers customized retail solutions that are easy to use and provide you with real-time reporting and inventory tracking.

Grow your retail business with J3 software solutions that offer ways to help you effortlessly sell, manage, report, and expand your retail operations.

Whether you have one boutique to manage or want to open three more in the next five years, J3 offers customized retail solutions that are easy to use and provide you with real-time reporting and inventory tracking.

Dedicated to Your Success

See how our powerful POS software can help you grow your business

Simple and Smart

Designed by someone who has worked on your side of the counter, J3 software is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to train.

Customized for You

J3 takes the guesswork out of setting up your POS system with customized modules set for retailers just like yourself.

More Choices

With integrated credit card and alternative payment solutions, you can rest assured that your customers can pay with their preference.

Focus on Service

You need to focus on building an incredible customer experience for your store, not software. J3 gives you the tools you need to run your store more efficiently so you can focus on your customers.

Hands-On Support

When you work with J3, you are always our top priority. That’s why our customer service team is standing by 24/7/365 to help you with any problem you have.

Everything You Need for Retail

J3 is your end-to-end solution for managing and growing your business

QuickBooks Integration
Alternative Payment
Fast Checkout
Mobile Checkout
Simple Price Adjustments
Cash Controls
Inventory Management
Reporting & Analytics
Customer Rewards

J3 Retail POS System

Many of the features you want are already integrated standard in J3’s specialty retail point of sale solution. Features like QuickBooks integration and inventory controls come standard.

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Leading Competition

There’s no shortage of POS software for retailers, but most are complex to set up and expensive to scale. They also don’t come with most of the standard features J3 customers rely on.

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More than point of sale

Whether you have one or multiple store locations, we’ve built a powerful collection of features to help you manage your business the way you want.

Image shows a point of sale product setup

Run Your Entire Business

Make more sales, automate bookkeeping and learn from your data to grow


Automate tedious bookkeeping tasks with standard QuickBooks integration and spend more time on the floor.


Optimize your stock and make smarter business decisions with real-time inventory tracking that is easy to use.

Plan for Success

Whether you're looking for the most popular sold item or wanting to increase customer loyalty, J3 solutions has a customized program to help you grow.

Not Sure if J3 is Right For You?

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