Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Independent Grocery Stores

J3 offers customized modules for grocers at affordable prices with excellent service included.

 Grocery shoppers have high expectations. They want quality products and low prices and minimal checkout lines. You can deliver with J3 POS solutions.

You don’t need to invest in a complicated and pricey ERP system to manage and grow your business.

Complete and Secure Grocery POS

Find the right solution for your grocery business with J3 solutions built specifically for behind the cash register

Fast Checkout

Make sure your checkout line never gets backed up with fast checkout for your customers.

Simple to Use

Use the best software tool for training cashiers and getting the data you need.

Stock Control

Manage your perishables in real-time while managing the right product mix.

Fraud Controls

Get vital reports from each unit allowing instant cash visibility from the point-of-sale.

Created for Grocers

Complete point of sale system specific to grocery stores with integrated scale systems, flexible pricing structures, EBT payments and more.

Responsive Service

Get the service you need from the team that understands your business. Our service and support team is standing by 24/7/365 to help you solve any issues that arise.

Robust Features for Grocery Stores

J3 solutions offers software modules for your grocery business designed to help you minimize cost and maximize profits

Fast Checkout
Inventory Controls
QuickBooks Integration
Pricing Controls
Scale Integration
Reporting & Analytics
Age Verification
Regulatory Reporting
Auto Cash Count
Rewards Programs

J3 Grocery POS

Choose the POS system that is affordable, easy-to-use and provides modules built for your grocery business. J3 understands the unique needs of a small grocer.

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Large Grocer Software

Our competitors offer complex and expensive-to-implement hardware and software solutions that do not offer custom features for grocers.

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More than point of sale

Whether you have one or multiple store locations, we’ve built a powerful collection of features to help you manage your business the way you want.

Expand What Your Business Can Do

Keep customers moving and happy with custom solutions

Pricing Controls

Easily manage your pricing like making changes to a large group of items by a percentage of cost.

Loyal Customers

Keep your customers happy with full-feature rewards programs customized for your repeat customers.

Fresh Food Management

Reduce waste and expense with real-time inventory tools, enabling you to act quickly from the deli counter or produce stand.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Let one of our industry experts help you find the right POS solution modules for your grocery by requesting a demo