See what's inside, down to the penny

J3 Fast Cash Count with SMARTill technology let's you see inside the box.

Loss Mitigation

Setup audit trails and discrepancy checks to reduce cash losses.

Repurposed Labor

Eliminate manual cash till counts and reduce cash loss investigation time.

Real-time Visibility

Security alerts on cash transaction errors, lifts, top ups, and pick ups.

No more guesswork

With the combined power of APG’s SMARTtill® hardware and our Fast Cash Count™ software, you’ll eliminate the guesswork in cash management. Retailers can reduce cash loss, the cost of handling cash, and ultimately improve in-store efficiency. You’ll know down to the penny how much is in your cash drawers.

The New Era of Cash Management

Four smart features that will change the way you manage cash.

How it works

The SMARTtill® Intelligent Cash Drawer captures, in real-time, all cash activity at its location and reconciles to sales made. This information is collected without affecting transaction time or interrupting the retail transaction. The SMARTtill® Solution can be integrated with your POS hardware/POS application and back office systems. Management functions for activities like cash lifts and till deposits can be accessed using the interactive keypad and display on the SMARTtill® Intelligent Cash Drawer.

Ready To Enter The New Era In Cash Management?